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Saturday, May 30, 2015

XVIII - Snow Veil Sanctuary

Merill was still trying to wrap her head around Paarthurnax’s existence as she clambered down the mountain to Ivarstead once more. It was midday and cloudy when she shouldered open the door to the inn and found Silronwe and Nalimir, sitting quietly at a corner table. Silronwe had a small stone mortar and pestle before her and was grinding something wet and red while Nalimir leaned back in his seat, reading.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

XVII - Paarthurnax

Hi all - I'm truly very sorry about the recent delay. This past month there was a death in my family followed almost immediately by a wedding and heaps of other work for me to finish. I'm expecting smoother sailing for this summer. Thanks for your patience. -C

Their journey to Ivarstead took them most of the day, and they reached the small mountainside village when the moon had risen high into the sky. Merill, not keen on climbing the precarious slopes of High Hrothgar in the blustery darkness, suggested they stay the night at the inn, and Nalimir and Silronwe agreed. They paid for two rooms, one with two beds, and Silronwe pleasantly suggested she and Merill share a room, pretending not to notice Merill’s grimace at the suggestion.