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Saturday, March 14, 2015

XV - The Winking Skeever

Days passed, and the other thieves quickly stopped asking her about Mistveil when they realised she would try to crack her fist across their jaws when they did. The Jarl didn’t send any guards down to the Ratway, though, so they assumed they were safe for the time being. She did a few odd jobs on her own, still frustrated with Brynjolf, and spent the time in between hunting in the forests around the city, glad for a chance to take her mind off her anger – anger at Vex, Brynjolf, Nalimir, the lot of them. Nalimir, mercifully, didn’t try to breach the subject with her, but the mere sight of him made her fume. He’d always been the smarter one, she knew. But you always have to do things my way, he would be thinking.